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Former Personnel Engagement Verification

To verify a prior business relationship with Bhumio Inc. of a former personnel (employee, contractor, affiliate, service provider etc.), please use the following link to initiate a request. Typically such a request is made in connection with a background check, government request, prior employment/work verification, legal proceedings etc. Bhumio only confirms the dates & periods of engagement and no other information will be provided.

Non-refundable data processing fees per request per individual will apply regardless of the outcome. Bhumio will do its best to process your request in a timely manner (up to 30 days or less) but is not a guarantee. We will email the information to the payee’s email address.
We may also ask the requestor for additional information to establish their identity, legitimacy and reason for their request. Failure to provide this information, may result in denial of the request and all fees will be forfeited. By making this request, the requesting entity agrees to Bhumio’s Terms and Conditions and indemnifies Bhumio Inc. from all liabilities whatsoever

Note : This is the ONLY approved way to request this information. Please DO NOT directly contact or send any communication (email, phone call, chat, SMS etc.) to any current Bhumio individual(s) and/or business units contacts such as HR, Operations, Customer Support etc. regarding employment/prior engagement verifications or reference letters. All such requests will be ignored without any explanation.

Bhumio is a Real Estate Technology Company. We are not a brokerage, lending, title, insurance, inspection or any other licensed entities typically involved in residential real estate transaction and do not provide these services.
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