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Everyone has their own reasons for joining a particular company. This preference doesn’t mean one option is better than another, but just that your situation, personality, risk tolerance, personal ambition and what you want out of your time investment will dictate the ideal match.

We believe primary reasons (or potential benefits) to work in a startup are to 1. gain exponential career growth, 2. accelerate your personal career best and 3. acquire unreasonable wealth. We articulate this as follows and believe most arguments for joining us (or any startup) can be related to one of these categories.


You would get constant opportunities to grow and autonomy to chart your own path, oftentimes being in uncomfortable situations that force you to think on your feet and learn fast. This is just not possible in any process driven large entity (this includes all big tech names or large organizations).


This is the only way you can accelerate and achieve your career best in the shortest amount of time. (you can join a big tech and slowly build to get there in 20+ years but only if you out-compete other extremely talented folks at these organizations)


If there is a legitimate get rich quick scheme, this is it (but not so quick … it still takes some time). Recognizing and getting the opportunity is only part of the story, only you control how to maximize its benefits and those who stay the course for several years, success is inevitable (even if the startup fails).

If you want to truly turbocharge your career in a relatively short span of time, there is just no other legal way but to work in an early stage startup.

Why Join Us?

So now that we have sold you on the fun ride, we suggest you think about the following to ensure you best balance the risk-reward if you do consider us.

  1. Team

    Are people involved committed, are they taking any personal risk, would founders take cash compensation now or in future, are they putting their own hard earned money on the line or it’s someone else’s money, are they working full time or is this a side hustle, and if they are taking risks: how risky is it really (someone older is taking a significantly higher risk than someone right out of college).

  2. Persistence

    Are the people involved persistent? how long have they been at it despite failures, are they no-matter-what kind of people or will they give up after a few years (life has a way to bend and break people), what sacrifices can or would they really make or have made?

  3. Market Size

    Most startup pitch decks will have top down assessment of a potential market size, you need to combine the team vision to create your own bottom-up assessment of where the company could grow. You are looking for a long, narrow and hard but possible path that can go past the moon.

  4. Vision

    How far the imagination of the people involved stretches, higher the vision, greater the chance of unreasonable success. Don’t confuse this with a search for novelty, less than 2% of startup ventures have a truly novel idea (leave this to deep-pocketed companies) - most startups are merely solving an existing problem, just better or differently!

  5. Customer & Product Focus

    Is the company primarily focused on building an amazing product and helping the customers or the focus is more on hype, media, marketing and how much capital they have raised (which is also critical but with some caveats)

  6. Location

    Is it a company in Europe with Founders sitting in Asia trying to build for Customers in the US or key people are sitting next to the customers? Being close to the market matters.

  7. Timing

    Is the world ready for this now or will it be in the next 10 years or this is a 30+ year pay off? Look for under a decade pay off.

  8. Economics

    Is the culture frugal, focused on improving product and helping the customers, do they have a realistic path to profitability or a lot of money is spent on fluff and hype takes the front row.

Think like an investor and make an educated assessment of what returns you may get by investing your time.

Bhumio has come close to dying multiple times and the product itself has been built from scratch several times with many pivots and a new tech-stack each time. Yet, every single time, we made it a tiny bit better. We course corrected only an inch - but we got a little closer to our end goal. People involved, have made sacrifices (both professional and personal) and we have learned to deal with continuous failures and difficult situations.

Present day super easy to use platform that our users rave about, is a result of persistent dedication and hard work by the team and we are just getting started. We are not saying its easy but its worth it. If you can find a better group of people to work with - go for it, otherwise this is your chance to potentially build something bigger than yourself - we suggest you give it due consideration!

How we evaluate candidates

We evaluate continuously based on the following three core points of view. We call it FIT:

Forward - Integrity - Talent.

  • F: Forward

    Will this person move us forward as a team collectively or keep it about same or will end up slowing us down? Can the person do the job better than any of us, now or in near future or will the person Require significant training?

  • I: Integrity

    Is this person kind, has a strong character or a sense of integrity? if I am struggling with something, Will this person help me or watch from the sidelines? Would the person be comfortable the way we work? Does the person have a good personal work ethic?

  • T: Talent

    What is this person’s best natural talent and is it something that would far outshine anyone else among us? If this person joined us, can we help this person develop their talent and become a star? Can we somehow facilitate this person to achieve their best?

Current Opportunities

Use one of the following avenues to reach out or indicate your interest in working with us even if there are no open publicized opportunities. If we are a match, we will come rolling the red carpet for you when the time is right.

Currently Open Positions

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Non-public/all other opportunities:

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