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Is it really 100% free?

Our product is 100% free to Sign-Up for all users (Agents/Brokers & their clients (buyers/sellers, Attorneys Home Inspectors etc.)

There is no such thing as 100% free, what’s the catch? How do you guys make money?

We are a tech startup looking for early adapters and in exchange we are giving our expensive software products. While our goal is to keep it 100% free for agents, if ever we do charge (for some premium features), you may be grandfathered in. It’s a win-win for everyone. So sign up and start realizing tremendous value.

When I sign up with my MLS credentials or Google, does it imply I am sharing them with Bhumio?

Your MLS or other 3rd party credentials are never shared with Bhumio. When you authenticate with MLS and they give us a token code that tells us if you are a valid MLS user or not.

Do I have to be an MLS member to use Bhumio?

Real estate agents must be an active member of your Board and MLS (which is how we verify and then auto-grant your access and show you the relevant data). All other roles do not need this access.

I am a broker-owner. How can I use Bhumio to manage my brokerage?

We have an admin portal meant for office managers, broker owners and brokerage managers that gives them specific tools, reports and data visibility to manage their office/brokerage from a single unified dashboard.

I only do a few offers. How is it useful for me?

Even if you do only a few deals, our platform being super-easy and intuitive enables you to do those deals super efficiently and you would derive significantly more value from it compared to existing solutions.

What’s your premium support and how is it different from basic support

You get a dedicated account manager who can handle all issues 1:1 and understands your business closely and is incentivized to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from Bhumio. If you are a top producer in your market or a broker-owner/brokerage leader, this is highly recommended and you get a ton of value.

Do you provide training?

We have a variety of training and self-serve support options including a free initial onboarding, live on-demand self-serve contents and on-demand training by a Bhumio authorized trainer. If you have something specific in mind just reach out to us and we will get back promptly.

You are an outsider in this industry, why should we believe you know what you are doing?

It’s true that most of us don’t hold a real estate license (we do complete the courses every year though) but that is also our strengths and why we have been able to build Bhumio. We see things that others simply don’t and we create solutions that are just too hard for an insider to even envision because at the very least they are blinded by their experience and confirmation bias.

With that said, we have spoken to 100’s of active agents and some of us actively practice real estate. You are our customers and it is our job to anticipate your problems and needs and find a solution to that (and not the other way around).

Why did you start in the NY Capital Region?

Our founders are local and experienced the issues as a buyer and then witnessed their agent's painful experience managing the entire process (it felt as if the industry is 20 years behind). The entire process was broken and frustrating and so we decided to do something about it.

We agree - it is tempting to move to one of the popular cities with a more conducive environment for a tech startup but this is home, so we decided to build it here. When we succeed the whole Capital region will share that success.

What is Bhumio?

Bhumio is a purpose built technology platform for real estate agents to execute and manage residential real estate deals significantly faster and more efficiently. You may find standalone software and widgets with overlapping feature sets but there is nothing quite like it.

It's an ecosystem that gives you a tightly integrated solution to create highly accurate purchase and listing contracts in seconds and send them for eSign. It has the right sized highly secure CRM instead of a disjointed bloatware. Real time analytics and reports customized for each user enables them to gain insights that just wasn’t available before. Security and privacy is built in by design.

Bhumio is a Real Estate Technology Company. We are not a brokerage, lending, title, insurance, inspection or any other licensed entities typically involved in residential real estate transaction and do not provide these services.
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