Unified Platform

Bhumio Real Estate Platform

A technology stack for agents, brokerages, their clients and boards/MLSs built from ground-up, rethinking every detail to take the experience of everyone involved in a home sale to the next level.

Single Unified Platform

We've reimagined and tightly integrated all essential tools, ensuring a seamless and effortless process—the future of real estate technology.

Contextual Intelligence

Bhumio platform streamlines data handling in real time, freeing you to focus on your goals, not forms or old processes.

Reduce your technology spend

Bhumio cuts your tech spend by 20% and we're aligned with your success. No more one-off tools or incremental widgets.

Awesome Support

We've invested heavily in support, including email, chat, US phone assistance, self-help content, and in-person training.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

Bhumio promises a smoother, more efficient, and more cost-effective home sale process for all participants.


Seamless real estate transaction management ditches clunky tools and paperwork, offering a unified platform for faster, efficient, and data-driven deals with everyone kept informed and in sync.


Frictionless signing, happier clients. Close deals faster with built-in digital signatures for buyers, sellers, and agents, all at no extra cost.

Intelligent Forms

Say goodbye to hand-cramping paperwork! Our platform auto-fills forms across every scenario, saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

Listings/Purchase Contracts

Ditch the juggling, our one-stop platform integrates listing and contract creation, making it easy for you to manage real estate deals from start to finish.

Actionable Analytics

Actionable analytics connect you with the perfect properties and eager buyers, orchestrating deals that are faster and smarter.

Offer Management

Simplifies deal juggling, streamlining communication, and empowering informed decisions for agents, buyers, and sellers.

Address Book

Private & Secure client vault keeps every contact address under your lock and key, accessible only to you.

File Vault

Lock and load your documents effortlessly with secure file vaults, streamlined management, reuse options, and an easy-to-navigate interface.

Create a complete offer in a minute

Avoid filling forms - we have powerful computers now (but you still can if you’d like). A contextually aware platform creates a complete offer package in a few clicks so you can focus on your clients and closing deals.

Smart Disclosures

Bhumio recognizes the relevant information of a particular deal and attaches or removes disclosures as required. If something is missing, it warns the users. Attaching any document is just a click away.

Intelligent document preparations

Bhumio is designed so you don’t have to switch to form view and go back the old way (but you can if you prefer). It pre-fills the information by analyzing the deal situation.

Simplified views with key data

Key information about a deal is properly designed and displayed and everyone stays on the same page. Bhumio maintains security and access for data while practically eliminating any human error that delays the deal closings.

Smart Document Management

A filing cabinet and cloud storage that has been reimagined, not merely a folder in the cloud that forces you to still do the work and organize everything.

Centralized Storage

Store everything related to the transaction inside your secure File Cabinet.

Access Scopes

Intelligent access and visibility controls allows people to do and see only what they need to and when they need.

Built-In Disclosures

Various state disclosures, fair housing disclosures and numerous other disclosures that are required by your state's real property law to be included as part of an offer package are available with a click.

Automatic Suggestions

Actionable suggestions you can apply with a click of a button.

Easily fillable disclosures

Ready to apply disclosures that can be included and filled easily to your contract

MLS Integration

Bhumio integrates with popular MLS vendors out of the box and enables you to apply and use your MLS information to maximize its value for you.

Efficient revenue and member management

MLS/Boards can view and manage their members on Bhumio with their own easy-to-use admin panel and optimize their technology expense as a whole. See your data in a different light and boost your ROI and revenue by partnering with Bhumio.

Reports and analytics with actionable insights

Real time actionable insights customized for your board and their members by dedicated data scientist.

Contextually Aware System

Bhumio monitors for common human errors and learns from your individual and collective user base to ensure the contracts are created correctly and checks any issues before you share them with anyone.

Smart auto-suggestions

Pre-fill with no more than a few taps or keystrokes.

Edit once, apply everywhere

Edit a parameter only once and it is immediately reflected correctly throughout and any additional inputs are updated automatically.

Integrated Digital Signatures

A state of the art eSignature software that is tightly integrated with Bhumio; it makes getting documents eSigned as easy as a click.

Auto-place signature tags

Bhumio places signature tags for signers at the right spots automatically everywhere.

Place custom eSign Tags with a click

On user uploaded documents, there is still the option to place eSign tags, just right click and choose who (Bhumio already knows who still needs to sign)

Powerful analytics with actionable insights

Our data scientists continuously create meaningful reports and dashboards and provide actionable insights that are customized to your particular business.

Earnings report and performance dashboards

No more manual tracking on whiteboards. Have an immediate view of your earnings and performance comparisons to boost your profitability and productivity.

Market data customized to you and your clients

Have data driven conversations with your clients about offer prices, listing prices, how the money splits. Be a true coach. This is something that was only available to big firms but now we are making it available to everyone leveling the playing field.

Next Gen Brokerage Management solution

Be able to measure and understand your brokerage and drill down to lowest level. Up to the second status of your business and how its progressing so you can react fast when the real estate market is changing.

Custom forms and document enforcement

Provide proprietary forms, enforce document application, internal policies and preferences to your members to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce administrative costs.

Reports and Dashboards

Have real time information about your business presented in an easy to understand format so that you can make smart business decisions quickly.

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Bhumio is a Real Estate Technology Company. We are not a brokerage, lending, title, insurance, inspection or any other licensed entities typically involved in residential real estate transaction and do not provide these services.
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