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Real estate purchases as they are today, have a very high transaction cost and none of the parties involved in a deal are happy. Whether you are a lender or a brokerage, a home buyer or an insurance agent, a seller or a title company – the time consuming and costly process leaves most parties wishing there was a better way.

Today, people can buy an awesome car (second biggest purchase of their life) with a few clicks. It is built to their specs and delivered to their door steps in a few weeks. Even our food (3rd largest expense in the developed world) is delivered to our homes, saving us time (and money). And yet, the average transaction cost of a US home purchase (largest lifetime expense) is about 10% and it takes upto 60 days before the deal is closed. This is unacceptable.

Our goal is to bring a digital first, modern way to execute real estate purchases and make it easy and seamless while reducing the total transaction cost and execution time.

“We want to modernize the way people buy, sell and own real estate by 2030.”


Like every company out there we have certain traits that define us and also act as our guiding principles to help us whenever we have difficulty in making decisions. These can be broadly grouped into the following and what each one means is further broken down, making a total of 9 guiding principles.

  • Always put customers first

    Take Ownership — Don't complain, assign blame, instead find solutions as if you own the company.
    Solve Customer's Problem — They are the gods and pay for everything we have, worship them.
    Create Exceptional Products — Create magical stuff that you will be proud of forever.

  • Continuously Grow & Learn

    Magnify your Strengths — If you are a fish, let others climb the trees but take lead in deep waters.
    Practice Humility — No one did it all alone, play to make the team win, help us win together.
    Develop Tenacity — Unreasonable success is hard, learn to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

  • Demonstrate exemplary conduct

    Act with Integrity — Speak the truth, do the right things right, not just because law says so.
    Be Ultra Efficient — Use resources effectively, strive to produce results not count hours.
    Actively Communicate — Ask questions fearlessly but politely, participate, push the boundaries.

Bhumio is a Real Estate Technology Company. We are not a brokerage, lending, title, insurance, inspection or any other licensed entities typically involved in residential real estate transaction and do not provide these services.
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