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Modernizing the home buying experience

A future-ready software built for real estate agents, brokerages and their clients.

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Streamlined Process

Faster Closing

Helpful Insights

Boost Profits

Trusted by real estate agents from top brokerages

Bhumio for Real Estate Agents

Manage the entire home sale process using a single dashboard. Save time and money while closing deals faster with our real estate technology platform.

Intuitive Offer Management Platform

No more manual form filling. Our system automates tasks, saving you time and effort.

Next Generation Reports and Analytics

Actionable insights, not stale data tables and clunky charts.

Ultimate Deal Management

Manage concurrent deals and offer superior service to your clients.

Bhumio for Brokerages

Our technology boosts profitability for your organization and agents, and benefits your clients. Say goodbye to outdated and complicated tools and widgets, and save time and money.

Complete Agent Management

Manage your agents, their deals and your brokerage as a whole.

Document Management

Purpose built system that makes compliance, application and enforcement a breeze.

Boost your organizations productivity and profitability

Real time business insights using powerful analysis tools that drive profitable outcomes.


Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Bhumio

What is Bhumio?
Bhumio is a real estate platform designed to speed up residential deals using powerful contract creation, a streamlined CRM, and real-time data insights. Built for security and privacy, it offers a tightly integrated solution that outperforms standalone software and enhances agent efficiency.
Do you provide training?
We have a variety of training and self-serve support options including a free initial onboarding, live on-demand self-serve contents and on-demand training by a Bhumio authorized trainer. If you have something specific in mind just reach out to us and we will get back promptly.
What regions are your operating currently?
Capital District, NY.
Are you an MLS or MLS software vendor?
No. We integrate with popular MLS’s by FBS. All real estate agents must have their own access to the MLS.
Do you offer training?
Yes we offer in-person, on/off premise live training. There is a ton of other information and support for you to get started quickly.
How many widgets and tools it currently replaces?
At present, we believe about 4-7 one-off widgets and tools can be deprecated by an average brokerage.
Can individual agents or Brokers sign up for Bhumio?
Yes, please get in touch with us and we can get you setup.
When I sign up with my MLS credentials or Google, does it imply I am sharing them with Bhumio?
Your MLS or other 3rd party credentials are never shared with Bhumio. When you authenticate with MLS and they give us a token code that tells us if you are a valid MLS user or not.
Do I have to be an MLS member to use Bhumio?
Real estate agents must be an active member of your Board and MLS (which is how we verify and then auto-grant your access and show you the relevant data). All other roles do not need this access.
I only do a few offers. How is it useful for me?
Even if you do only a few deals, our platform being super-easy and intuitive enables you to do those deals super efficiently and you would derive significantly more value from it compared to existing solutions.

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Bhumio is a Real Estate Technology Company. We are not a brokerage, lending, title, insurance, inspection or any other licensed entities typically involved in residential real estate transaction and do not provide these services.
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